10 Fuel Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know

Filling up your car with fuel is nowadays quite expensive, As the prices of fuel are continuously increasing it has always been a matter of concern for many of you?

For me, it was quite a bit so I started following some fuel filling hacks and tips, some of which was told by senior automobile expert and some were hit and trial I used from my Mechanical engineering knowledge.

There are a few tricks that I want to covey you through which you will definitely save more money in your pocket.

1. Buy fuel at trustable fuel stations

Starting off with the basics of fuel filling hacks, Some stations may mix alcohol or other fuel by-products that are much cheaper than petrol. These are not much refined and can choke our engine which can, later on, result in some huge engine service expense. If more worsen the condition I have heard is that mixing fuel with water. This will totally seize your engine and then you have to swap your car’s engine.

Some stations don’t have pump filters hence susceptible to different dust and sediments that may have accumulated in the lifetime of that oil storage tank may get into your engine and may block oil filters of your car.

Ask whether the fuel you buy is filtered at the pump and if the station has a policy about changing the pump filters regularly.

2. Don’t refuel when you see fuel filling tanker


If you ever see a fuel tanker toping the tanks at your local gas/fuel station, then, first of all, it should be the responsibility of the fuel pump persons to shut down the station. But if they haven’t then they are quite greedy and don’t care about their customers.

When tankers fill fuel the tank then all the dirt settled on the bottom gets mixed up and from the bottom, it comes up for some time. if you are refueling at that point then it can get into your vehicle along with fuel and can harm your engine.

3. Refuel your car when the temp is low

It’s quite a basic science that liquid expands and evaporates when the temperature is increased. This means that you will get less fuel for what you were actually paying. Hence, a very important fuel filling hacks is to always fill up your car when its night or at dawn or dusk for the extra savings.

4. Fill fuel when half tank empty

Avery important yet quite fuel hacks or tip is to fill up when your petrol/ diesel tank when it is HALF empty. It has a very fundamental science behind this point. The more fuel you have in your tank the lesser empty space hence less air in the tank. Petrol/ diesel vapourize faster when having free space due to a very fundamental scientific explanation of Surface energy and due to that, it vaporizes in the tank. Hence creating a loss of your paid fuel, so due to this, it is recommended to fill up the fuel tank when 25% to 50% fuel is left.

5. Don’t go on Reserve fuel.

The main reason behind this fuel hacks is due to the failure of electric fuel pumps. nowadays generally cars have one submersible electric fuel pump located at the bottom of the fuel tank to take advantage of different fuel properties like the heat transfer property of fuels. the radiation of heat will not be possible if fuel is very less leading to fuel tank pump failure.

Also, less fuel will put more pressure on the fuel pump mechanism. So better fuel up well ahead of time otherwise it may lead to the extra expense of Fuel pump mechanism.

6. Do not fill till Full Tank

There are many debates that may stir up with this point, let’s discuss this point as this point has many multiple reasons and why this is one of the most important fuel filling hack or tip.

  • You donate fuel when you do your full tank

Many of us are not aware that the fuel station has a return pipeline. When the petrol tank is full, then there is a mechanism to switch off the latch. Parallelly return-valve is switched on to flow back the rest petrol.

But the petrol returned will not be adjusted to your meter reading and hence you have to pay for the fuel that you returned. 

  • More weight More loss

When you are carrying your full tank then generally you carry more fuel, according to surveys generally it is more than 15 liters that people carry extra in their tank when they do a full tank.

As for getting an ideal mileage each and every weight counts in the car and over here if you carry extra fuel then it adds on to the extra weight that the car has to tug through. So it will affect your mileage, so it is always recommended not to fill the full tank until and unless it is needed.

If we look from a different view if a car catches fire then it’ll have less fuel then the harm caused might be less and also if your fuel tank gets any damages and there is a leakage then you will face less loses if you fill up less fuel in your tank

if you are going out for some long distance then filling the full tank is always a better option as might not have a petrol pump in your way.

 7. Avoid full speed while filling fuel

There are three speeds in how you can fuel in a petrol pump. Low, medium and high are generally three speeds provided at each petrol kiosk. If you are using high-speed mode i.e. pressing the lever down to the lowest, then your fuel can easily evaporate. So try to fill at a slower speed when you are in a self-service station or you can politely instruct the bunk attendant to do that for you.

8. premium gas in a regular car?


Previously premium gas was referred to be more efficient and helps in cleaning the fuel injectors. Earlier, fuel injectors were a new technology but now technology has changed and got more refined. Fuel injectors nowadays are not much prone to catch dirt.

 Nowadays fuel or gases have evolved as with stricter emission norms kicking in they have become more refined and mostly contains necessary detergent that keeps the fuel injectors clean. Hence no need for filling up premium fuel or gas as the extra money you shed out will not give you much in return and you will lose your money.

If your manufacturer has recommended to fill up your car with high octane fuel or premium fuel then always follow what the manufacturer has recommended, else you can easily rely on regular fuels.

9. Regular checking of tire pressure

A preventive Check

Tyre pressure must be checked once every two weeks. It helps to reduce the drag while driving thus increasing your mileage. There is a label in your car just when you open the driver seat which tells you the tire pressure.

These are some of the important points that you should keep in mind to save a few bucks while fueling up your cars. So start following this from the very next time you fuel up your car.

Many tires manufacturers have always kept their research in full swing to bring in next-generation tires to us. Brands like Goodyear and Michelin have also shown their prototypes and these tires will be airless so will release you from the thought of maintaining the proper air pressure to get a decent fuel mileage.

If you want to know how to increase your mileage then I also have a different blog coming up on that. Do subscribe to our Turbodrive PRO subscription to get updates regarding the next post.

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