15 best tips to get a maximum fuel efficiency

Ever thought of what you can do to increase your fuel efficiency as inflammation in fuel prices are quite worrying. Have you ever wondered why the fuel efficiency claimed by your car manufacturer is never delivered by your car? Actually, we are the sole reasons why our car doesn’t deliver the best mileage.

So as inflammation is taking a toll on the fuel prices I have started following a few simple techniques which help me in achieving a higher mileage figure on the same path that I take. In India ARAI is responsible for testing all the vehicles for obtaining maximum fuel efficiency, similarly, in your country, some department might be responsible for doing this.

So here are some points which will help you in getting few extra kilometers on the gas that you filled.

1. Drive smoothly

drive smoothly

Possibly the most effective way to increase the fuel efficiency in our car is to be smooth with your accelerator and gear changes. Keep a good view of the road and manage your throttle response accordingly in advance. If any breaking needed don’t rush your car and then suddenly apply your brakes. This will put less pressure on the engine and hence will consume less fuel and lead to improved fuel efficiency in your car or bike.

2.Switch off the engine

star and stop button

Turn off your car if you’re stopping for more than 30 seconds. Different car manufacturers have already claimed that this practice doesn’t harm the engine life. Even different cars like the Mahindra Scorpio comes with auto start-stop that automatically does this job for you.

If it is less than 30 seconds then don’t turn it off or else the car will require more fuel to start again.

3.Keep less weight in your car

The lighter a car the lesser work engine need to do, the lesser fuel consumption leading to improved fuel efficiency in your car. So rid your car of any unnecessary weight or if your car has removable seats then you can remove them too, if not in use.

4. Use fuels and lubricants recommended by your manufacturer –

courtesy – honda ireland

In one of my article – 10 Fuel Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know I have mentioned this point that nowadays fuel or gases have evolved as with stricter emission norms kicking in they have become more refined and mostly contains necessary additives to deliver optimum performance in our engine.

Hence no need for filling up premium fuel or gas as the extra money you shed out will not give you much in return and you will lose your money. As these premium fuels are not needed by your car and it can perform well with normal fuel and provide you the best mileage figures for your car.

Also always take note to use the engine oil recommended by your car manufacturer to get the best fuel efficiency.

5. Park smartly at your home

park like this always facing the road outways as it is easier to take out
(image courtesy- youtube)

You will save a lot of fuel; this is because in reversing and changing the gears continuously while the engine is cold it consumes a lot of fuel as compared to when it is in hot condition. So whenever you return and park back your car in your parking place, try to park it in such a way that the next time you can just start your car and zip away.

6. Optimal tire pressure

Optimal tire pressure

Tyre pressure must be checked at regular intervals like once every two weeks or once a week depending on your use. It helps to reduce the strain and extra friction in tires while driving.  Hence the engine needs to work less and hence requires less fuel, therefore, increasing your mileage. You can get the recommended fuel efficiency label in your car manual or door panels of the driver seat.

 7. spark plugs checkup

once every 5 years or the specified interval mentioned by your car manufacturer, the spark plugs must be replaced, It is always a thumb rule to replace the spark plugs with the same genuine spark plugs buy your car manufacturer.

It improves the fuel combustion mechanism hence delivering more mileage as well as improved engine performance and response.

8. Proper use of gears


To get the most mileage out of your vehicle, it is an eminent fact that you must shift up gears early. This is because of the lower the RPM which creates lesser stress on the engine and the lesser fuel intake.

 But the downside is drivers are lazily not downshifting correctly when the speed has dropped, and this leads to knocking which causes consumption of more fuel. The other downside is that they can damage the engine walls and piston as knocking leads to unburnt fuels in the cylinders. So, if needed always downshift when needed else you may end up decreasing fuel efficiency.

9. Servicing of the car at regular intervals


three things that matter the most and affect your fuel efficiency directly are lubricating oils, oil filter & air filter. Do make a note to keep a check on the condition of all these aspects and get it changed and suitable time. These parts will not only increase your fuel efficiency but also increase the performance of your engine.

10. AC off or on??

the AC consumes a lot of power which comes from burning of your fuel, so try to avoid AC. If your car comes with automatic climate control, then you can smartly switch it to ‘Auto’ mode and keep the blower speed in lowest. This will reduce down the work done by your AC.

But always keep the AC on or the windows up on the highway or wherever your speeds are higher, This will help in reducing the drag caused by the winds and will increase the aerodynamics.

11. Get prepared before you start

One or two minutes of idling fuel can be saved daily if we start following this rule as idling when the engine is cold always consumes more fuel. S always make a thumb rule to finish tying up your seat belts and getting settled comfortably then starting your car.

So, hope you liked all these points and you will try to follow these. All these points are always not easy to follow but if you try to incorporate that habit in your daily driving and while maintaining your car you will definitely succeed.

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