15 top Modified Maruti 800 cars you have never seen!

It’s a long time since Maruti Suzuki has stopped the production of Maruti 800 which has served the world for many years and won lots of people hearts through its pricing and the package it offers.

Hence its sometimes difficult to bid a goodbye to this car, but over so many years where technology has rocketed to the sky, this 800 seems a little bit boring and hence many might have thought of selling of this car? But have you ever thought that taking a modification path can also be a great alternative as it will give you a new feel to the car and will also help you to turn on some heads when you hit the roads.

So here we take down the list of one of the best-modified Maruti 800 available on road. through this take down all the ideas that can change your mind in keeping this car and also get an idea of what modification can do to your car.

Maruti 800 based sports car

maruti 800 1
Maruti 800 based sports car
maruti 800 2
magneto 11

This modified Maruti 800 has been given a superb sports car look. The front has many led projector lamps and the DRL’s that looks super on the interior friend though nothing has changed much the same dashboard layout has been carried over but instead of the four seats now there are only gets 2 seats and overall from none of the angles this car looks like all its original version. This car has been designed by magneto 11 team, they are car modifiers off M.P , India and have expertise in modifying different cars. You can watch the video here.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hojeiu8y_os

Jeep Maruti 800

Magneto 11

This is another crazy thinking of modification. Who would think a small car like this can even change in do a jeep? Another modification of Maruti 800 done by magneto 11 team has been executed nicely though the proportions are a little bit quirky and some parts of this modification still screams Maruti 800 but still it has come a long way and the jeep essence is there most parts of the car. Overall it’s a good modification if you want a jeep out of your Maruti 800. As shown by magneto 11 team this car can also handle some bad roads without any trouble.

Maruti Hummer 800

Hummer 800

till a jeep you might have thought but have you ever thought a hummer out of Maruti 800? Magneto 11 team has again done another super modification and it turned out to be a great modification. Though it does not get the large proportions of a hummer and you might not expect also from this but still it gets its slight look where you can just boast off. The wheels have also been treated with tractor tires for better off loading capability though this car is not meant for that it still adds onto the drama.

Red Hummer

 Red Hummer

This is another hummer modification done by magneto 11 team. Though this hummer is not as good looking as the previous one but is still a good example of what Maruti 800 modified into hummer can look like.

Muscle Maruti 800

muscle 800

Another sporty modification over has a great design it’s super blend off of both a muscle car like bonnet and the rear design like a coupe. Yes, the small proportions of Maruti 800 do feel a little bit awkward but when you’re modifying these type of cars you don’t mind that. Be it design or the way it is modified, it’s a beautiful job done.

Js design Maruti 800


Js design can make a Maruti 800 look what you might have never thought of, considering that you have a good amount of money to spend on. Unlike other modification in this list, this modification is totally classifier be that the quality or the fit and finish everything is spot on so all this also comes at a premium price. This topless car costs around an extra 3.5 lac rupees which is quite and hefty price tag but enthusiast can always go this route whenever they want quality as well as reliability along with a problem for dan finish of your modification. 

Modernized Maruti 800

Modernized Maruti 800

The Maruti 800 over here is one of the oldest models of this car. Though looking at it won’t feel like that because the owner of these cars have totally modernized the way they look. The headlamps they have changed and installed a projector unit and on the back tail lamps have also got a new update and those have also been shifted to newer generation led lights. On the inside also the interior has been heavily revised with all customization option available be its steering wheel or the gear lever it’s one of those best modification in this list.

Vintage look 800

Vintage look Maruti 800

Looking at this car you won’t even imagine it to be a Maruti 800 because none of the parts are carried over from the 800 the only things that are carried are the platform and the engine. All the body panels and everything is new and the buyer claims that those are even made from the materials of this car that was given for modification. this car has been modified very cleverly and your vintage look has significantly displayed the headlines the proportions I quite good to please the eye. If you want to see a walk around video of this here it is –  https://youtu.be/lezc3-h7lr4

Chariot Maruti 800


This modified Maruti 800  is quite unique. First of all, it’s a 2 door car but the doors are huge and make way for the 2nd row. The 2nd row is a little bit higher than the usual position and sitting on it will give you a little bit of a chariot feeling. Now talking of the looks the pink color is a little bit offbeat for me but the car looks decent, from the rear the ‘Maruti 800 ‘ look is significant and on the front the eon headlamps look a bit large but still, as design is subjective I leave it up to you but it’s a good attempt of modification . Here is the video- https://youtu.be/-whjfw-ixwu

Maruti 800 From Pakistan

Maruti 800 From Pakistan

This Maruti 800 has been tastefully modified by an owner of Pakistan. In Pakistan Maruti 800  comes with only one side slatted grill and this grill has been maintained up on the front, on the headlights new projector headlamps have been installed and it has also been blacked out for much more sporty appeal. This modified car also gets side skirts. Overall the car looks quite sporty and has been tastefully modified by the owner.

Volkswagen 800

old Maruti
side profile

This Maruti 800 is undoubtedly one of the best-modified Maruti 800 you will ever see. The owner of this car has not left any bits to even identify this as a Maruti 800. This modified car gets a great Prussian blue paint job and also gets an upsized alloy wheels. On the front, the owner has tried to bring in a Volkswagen feel to the car. Going back to the rear, the tail lamp setup has been changed to make to way for a new look, unlike the oldest generation models. On the interior the owner has even installed a great audio setup with the touch screen system . Overall if you see this car at a glance will never identify that this was the oldest Maruti 800.

sporty Maruti 800

Maruti 800 Dual Tone

This Maruti 800 gets new set of sporty appeal be it from the diamond cut looking alloy wheels or the new sporty bumper even the side skirts look very good. The owner has even got some chrome treatment all around it and it also gets a dual tone paint job but unlike the normal ones which are black in color, this car has got unconventional reddish brown color dual tone which looks quite good.

Lamborghini 800


Unlike other cars, this Maruti 800  over here has been totally revamped. Starting from the side this car gets a Lamborghini style scissor door and you might also have noticed that this is a 2 door version as the owner has modified and converted the four doors to this 2 door version. The paint of this modified Maruti 800 gets a matte finish black paint. This car also gets a roll cage protection inside the car so that if any accident takes place the owner comes out safe and sound. In this car, unlike all other modified cars, the wheels don’t get an alloy treatment and it retains the companies stock steel rims but has been blackened out to make for a sporty appeal. more images over here-

Elegant 800

Elegant 800

This Maruti 800 over here gets very subtle changes but the overall look is quite interesting the stickers installed in this car especially would be and good looking the deal lamps I’m also been black and out slightly to increase the sporty appeal on the wheels it gets an oversize a bulging out wheels to add to it extra drama quotient overall this type of modification will not put a heavy load on your wallet as well as you will be staying safe from police catching you on the road .

Affordable topless Maruti 800

This Maruti 800 owner actually wanted 2 a topless car but still had the desire of Maruti 800, just joking. Actually, this is one of the affordable Maruti 800 open-top, as there is not much work done on it hence on the safety front the roll bars are not of good quality and the work finish is not at all good but overall the car feels fresh and new. The green color paint do not that good quality but still looks quite funky overall this model 800 gates of the silver color wheel cover and also add to his drama quotient overall this is one of the affordable modification if you want your Maruti 800 to be converted door topless car.

Race-type Maruti 800

This Maruti 800 gets quite quirky paint. The bottle green color with glossy finish looks quite interesting in this small car. To make it much sportier some number stickers are also used and the front bonnet has also got black race strips. The wheels of black a noise and the glasses have also been blackened out. the black tint glass is not legal it’s but overall it’s a great yet simple modification job done.

I hope so you got some interesting ideas about modifying this car, it’s not always heavy on your pocket if you want you can go with the more affordable modification there on this list.

Please write down your views about which modification was the best among all and which car modification i should cover next?? i will be trying to put up more modification ideas of maruti 800 so to get those updates do sign up for Turbodrive PRO subscription for free.

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