15 Tips that will help you to Extend the Life of your car tires

You can literally save around $70- $100 (Rs 4500- Rs 5000) by just noting down a few important tips. Let’s keep the savings aside, tires are one of the most important parts of your car. Car tires help the car to keep the contact with the ground and help the car to move, any problem in your tire can result in loss of control of the vehicle and can even lead to death.

If you don’t maintain your car’s tires and ignore its tread life then it may lead to a lot of problems some of which are quite serious and life-risking. Like if your tire’s tread is very less then water may not escape under your tires. This could risk you to skidding leading to a dangerous condition in which your car loses grip and glides on the water.

So why take so much of risk and loses when you can just keep a few points in mind? Here I have mentioned some points that I think can help you-

Checking irregular wear of car tires

irregular wear of car tires

uneven wear may show the need for a wheel re-alignment or also is an indicator of improperly using brakes, a bent wheel, etc. Hence best would be going to a mechanic and getting a checkup done, a little expense is better than a big cost of parts and tire replacement later-on.

Having wheel alignment checked

wheel alignment

One of the most important tips for maintaining our cars and the comfortable driving experience is wheel alignment. Not doing it may cause unnecessary wear and tear in your car.

Now the major question arises how to know whether our cars need a wheel alignment or not. Generally, it is found that if your steering wheel’s feedback is stiffer than usual ones or the car pulls to one side, if all these problems are noticeable then you can probably have an alignment problem.

Planning to get a new set of tires for your car buying new tires?

Improper tire alignment will decrease the life of your tires and will affect the handling of the car. Cars wheel alignment should be checked every 40,000 to 50,000 km or the km range mentioned by the brand as recommended which will be available in your owner’s manual.

Keeping the Tire caps fixed

Tire caps

Might be thinking what those small caps on your valve might be doing? This small little valve can save your time and money in case of a leaky valve. Those little caps keep the dirt and moisture which are the core causes of valve leaks. Hence it does help you so from next time so be sure to keep caps on all your tire valves. Also, When you replace tires, remind the tire shop that you want new valves with the tires.

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Keeping a check on our top speeds

Keeping a check on our top speeds

High speeds generate more heat and increase tire wear. Goodyear shows that increasing highway speeds from 88 km/hr to 120 km/hr can decrease total tread range by 20% or more. So, a tire that would have provided 40,000 km normally will decrease to 30,000 – 35,000 km.

Considering that on avg in a life of 40,000 km there is a loss of 20% tread life. Let’s hope that the cost of tires is 4,000 rupees ($58). So it’s a loss of 8,000 rupees ($11) which if multiplied into 4 tires results to almost a cost of a single tire. The drop-in range would Increase as speed increases.

Also, for reducing speed your fuel economy would increase a bit. So it is a win-win situation for you to keep the speed in control.

proper air pressure in our car tires

proper air pressure

Under-inflated tires might save a few bucks off your air filling cost but on a long run will take a huge pie out of it. Under-inflated tires create excessive heat and stress that can lead to tire failure.

Buy a tire pressure gauge and use it at least once a month preferably more in hot weather to keep your tires inflated to the specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer (generally you will get it on the driver side door). When you are in cold conditions then drive a few km for getting an accurate reading.

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Temperatures affect Car tires pressure

Temperatures affect Car tires

When outside temperatures decrease or increase the tires tend to change their pressure. A drop of 6 degrees C will decrease a tire’s air pressure. Tires can increase more air pressure in hot weather due to expansion in air and can result in an explosion of tires. If you are living in a place where temperatures fluctuate a lot do keep a check your tire pressure.

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires helps to allocate equal tire wear evenly and helps you to get the maximum range out of them. This is mainly due to the uneven distribution of the weight of our car due to the placement of the engine and also the wheels responsible for driving our cars.

The first rotation is very important. rotating your tires every 10,000 to 15,000 km your tire dealer should know the correct pattern of tire rotation.

Replacing the tires with similar ones 

For optimum wear and tear it should be swapped with a tire that matches the current one or the recommended on by your car manufacturer.

the external diameters and tread depths should be near to the stock ones. A good trick is not more than 2/32-inch tread depth variation should be there. Also, maintain the same design of tread on both sides of an axle.

Here is a device through which you can measure tread depth – http://ckaro.in/aDtjXs7W4 

Service the wheel and suspension components

Service the wheel and suspension components

A wheel bearing that is not properly checked can cause tire wear. Damaged shock absorbers put heavy pressure on the tires leading to decrease in treads and result in tire replacement as the only option.

If you are waiting for your suspension components to leak or show some significant signs of damage before you decide to replace them, Then its too late. By then the damage has already been done. So keep a check of all these at regular service intervals and if any problem don’t hesitate to change them.

Check your lug nuts

lug nuts

This point will not increase the life of your tires but truly save a few extra money. Lug nuts, if not oiled at proper intervals then it can get stuck due to corrosion Repairing them can be expensive. Realizing it when your tires are flat and you are in the middle of no way, at that point it often gets too late.

Always try to prevent the lug nuts from getting stuck and also take in mind not to loosen up too much as it might be risky when you drive. So, the next time whenever you go to a tire shop for any work remember to tell him to apply some anti-seize lubricant. Or you can order it from Amazonhttp://ckaro.in/aisRsY72W 

A preventive Check

lug nuts

Whenever you fill up your car tires pressure then if possible then do check if there’s any wetness coming from the air pump. Simply press the pin inflator valve If you fell some wetness, don’t fill up the tires and also instruct the incharge regarding this and recommend him that his tanks need to be cleaned. Moistness inside a cars tire can cause pressure variations and could also lead to corrosion of the rims.

Buy used car tires

Partially used tires

If you are planning to sell your car within the next 6 months or a year but the tires have totally worn out then what to do?? The most stupid yet a smart answer will be to travel through public transport or buy a new pair of tires. But simply buying a new pair of tires won’t much affect the price of your car when you are going to sell it.

So, the smartest option will be to contact a big tire shop, most probably they will have a little worn out tires, that can still be used easily buy you. Rather than hesitate, Its always better to change the tires or if any further wear and tear causes due to worn out tires in your car then it can lead to more expense. Do remember to cross check the tire dimensions and follow some of my previous points.

Friction is the core cause of all wear and tear caused in our car tires but we should also remember that friction only helps our car to move. So friction is inevitable but we can still do our part to maximize the tire life for our benefit. So these are some small tips mainly for car owners to follow.

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Meta- Maintaining tires are quite profitable and also easy to use for a longer range.

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