Our Mission

Turbodrive provides updates from the automobile industry and ensures it circulates all necessary knowledge regarding ownership or buying of any vehicle in India is properly assisted to all its readers across the globe.

Turbodrive started off by delivering the content on YouTube. It was around a month that team Turbodrive started developing their website, to take on another set of audience who are not able to watch these videos and by this small steps were taken and Turbodrive started rolling out.

Turbodrive is a part of Admirz Technologies, Admirz is 2 years since it’s launch and continuously working on different projects.

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Meet the team behind Turbodrive

ANIRBAN BANERJEE ( CEO of Turbodrive and Admirz)

I am an automobile geek, deeply interested since many years in this automobile industry and my major aim is always distributing a quality knowledge to all my viewers. 

I am having a Mechanical Engineering background which i am curently pursuing from one of the top colleges of India.

I also make youtube videos in hindi so that everyone gets the genuine information in whatsoever means they are comfortable. 

animesh banerjee
ANIMESH BANERJEE ( Editor-Turbodrive )

ASenior professsional since many years in the field of buisness and market. Has immense expierience to handle complex situation. Now as editor of turbodrive animesh has taken imense responsibilities and is a core memeber of Turbodrive.