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Which car Is especially suitable for your use whether it’s an SUV, on a hatchback; a little bit confused about what all these terms really mean. Are you truly interested in what all different terms a specific car is referred to, so that next time whenever you are facing these words in any conversation you face it with confidence and have total knowledge of what different types of car or car body types are existing.

You might have encountered the word hatchback sedan SUV in your day-to-day hearing whenever you are discussing cars, so Have you ever thought word these mean or what do they stand for? There are many different types of these terms available all around the globe to distinguish between different types of cars Specifically focusing on the way they are thought to cater to the needs of the customers.


Hyundai Verna

A sedan, a bonnet covering the engine at the front and an extended boot at the rear. This is mainly used for getting maximum space for the passengers inside the cabin and is mainly a luxury offering. An example of a sedan is the Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Maruti Ciaz.


A hatchback is a car that differ from others by being much more compact. Hatchbacks usually have seating of four-five people with limited cabin space, Just sufficient to accommodate the passengers but doesn’t provide the plush and luxurious feel. An example of a hatchback is the Maruti Suzuki Swift , ford figo.

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)


An SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is mainly distinct by the traits of usually bigger and higher off the ground and tough to handle any abuse. SUV’s are generally offered with four-wheel-drive and are designed for both on-road and off-road use. Some have the towing capacity of a pickup and offer the passenger-carrying capacity of a minivan or large sedan. An example of an SUV is the Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner.

MPV (Multi purpose vehicle)


MPV is a practical car that usually has seven seats and three box body configuration with extended trunk. Mpvs are intended to be spacious and usually get three rows of seating to seat seven or more passengers. Generally regarded as people-carriers, people-movers There is lot of space in these cars for both passengers and luggage so often it is used as a family car. Eg- Evergreen selling MPV Tyota innova crysta , Maruti ertiga, Mahindra marazzo

Station wagons


These have a body shape similar to sedan siblings, but with an extended rear boot space. These cars have a two-box design with the passenger compartment extending over where the boot of a sedan. They are usually based on sedans and often share the same face and body style. These are not very common in India, but an example is the Audi RS4


A crossover is type of car that is built on a hatchback platform but often with design elements of a SUV, like an increased ground clearance and a higher seating position. Crossovers are soft roaders and can handle little amount of off-roading. An example of a crossover is the Ford Freestyle , Honda WRV.


Renault Arkana

Coupes word is derived from the French verb ‘couper’; meaning ‘to cut’, are often the sportier cars of its sedan version. But now there are even four-door coupes on sale like the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class. This type of cars has major traits like sloping roofline. An example of a two-door coupe is the Ford Mustang, Recently  SUV based coupes are trending as many carmakers are soon planning to launch these cars, like the Renault arkana.

Convertible (cabriolet)  


It is a car body type with a folding roof. These have either vinyl roof (soft top) or roofs made of plastic or aluminum or any different materials that the automaker feels safe to use. These are usually two-door cars. An example of such a car is the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Audi A8 Cabriolet, etc


It is a type of cars that has an open rear load area, to accommodate any sort of utility luggage. They are extremely popular in foreign countries like New Zealand, US, and Australia. They are often available with two(single-cab pickups) or four doors(double-cab pickups) for the passenger compartment. An example of a pickup is the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross which is a type of double-cab pickups. Another example can be Tata Xenon


Van is the name given to the type of cars which have the flexibility in using the interior space in different purpose. It has options of modifying the number of seats offered and also utilize it as a cargo area. Best Example are the Maruti Suzuki Omni, Eeco, Tata Venture.

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