India’s first Suzuki Jimny from Maruti 800!

Maruti Suzuki 800 has been quite a famous car in India end in its time it has been a dream car for all the middle-class people but as time passed the car started growing old and India’s most favorite car had to depart and eventually it led to discontinuation of Maruti Suzuki 800.

But still, many people can’t get over their attachment with this car and want to keep this car with them. so, here is a great modification then bye one of a Maruti Suzuki 800 owner to give this car a new and fresh appeal.

So, here is a fresh modification that is one of the best and most unique done until now in India. this modification has been done by a garage house who also has a YouTube channel named as Magneto 11. They have build a Jimny based design from a Maruti Suzuki 800. All credit of this beautiful modification goes to Punit Sharma & Mohammad Wasim who worked very hard to bring up this modification.

Starting off the Maruti Suzuki 800’s roof has been cut off to give it an appeal of an open-top Jimny . as you can also see in the video the car was not in a good condition when the modification was started so a total bodywork was also done to bring up a new body line for this modification. the major work was done in the front fascia of the car.

The bonnet of the regular model has been lifted up by changing the bodywork and later on a very good finish was also put on the bonnet to bring in a little bit of an SUV appeal. the major attraction still draws upon the front as a fully customized bumper was made that truly brings in the Jimny appeal in this car.

To give this car Rich and premium Jimny appeal new LED headlamps with round-shaped DRLS and led projector fog lamps were used. this card was finished in a very attractive blue shade which looks quite striking in our eyes.

Compared to front the rear might look a bit of disappointment as the rear doesn’t get any major changes to enhance its look. The real disappointment lies when the same stock model tail lamps have been used with a little bit of black paint finish.

The rear also gets a simply customized bumper made of steel and Bull-guard to bring on that much appeal in the car. It also gets a tail-mounted spare wheel to add on to the SUV appeal.

I didn’t like this interior layout, but if you want to keep the modification cost low, then its good to go with this interior layout, else premium leather-wrapped interior layout is a very good alternative.

The seating layout of this car has also been changed as it gets the stock front seats but the rear now houses a parallel bench arrangement. In this car, the interiors don’t get any major modification except for some few parts which are spray painted to match the new car’s color theme.

The car also gets an off-roading tractor tires which is quite small in size as and these are the maximum size of tires the Maruti Suzuki 800 can fit, as after all its a small car at the end so we can’t expect a 15-16 inches tires being installed in this car.

Another cost-cutting experienced is that it doesn’t get an alloy wheel to end houses in good looking will cover but if you have the budget then you can opt for the alloys as of your choice.

So overall this was very good modification example in front of us and probably Jimny prototype as we can see do the fit and finish of this car was not up to the mark and we can expect that because these modifications odd handmade and couldn’t have the finish of big machines.

These types of modifications are mainly for those people who want to keep their old car but at the same time want to add some extra spice to its design without shelling out too much money. Though this type of modification is not road legal, you can still keep this in our garage and can take out on some small short outings.

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