Maruti Suzuki Alto owner Complaints and gets compensation of Rs 1 lakh

Maruti Suzuki one of the most trusted names in the indian car market and household names for many years. But have you ever heard a Maruti Suzuki complains about any situation, maybe previously some instances have occurred with not only Maruti but other car manufacturers. But this incident is an eye-opener and quite a lesson for all of us and proves that Maruti Suzuki can also make some mistakes.

alto accident

A district consumer forum in Hyderabad has directed to pay Rs 1 lakh as compensation to the complainant by Mr. K Sudharshan Reddy for failure to replace a defective horn to Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and its showroom Varun Motors

The complainant himself stated in his complaint that there were several issues with his car. He filed a complaint in consumer forum after he failed to reach a resolution with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and its showroom Varun Motors

Mr. Sudharshan said in his complaint that he purchased a Maruti Alto 800 from a Maruti Showroom named Varun Motors in July 2014. After approximately six months, he noticed that trouble with his car such as noise from the engine, crack on the front windshield, broken lock on the right rear door, and also faulty horn. He then went to the showroom and he was told to visit the Maruti Suzuki authorized service centre. However, the Service Centre tried to repair the faulty horn instead to replace.

The complaint, Mr. Sudharshan, further stated that the next day, the engine noise was still there and the horn was also malfunctioning. Due to this defective horn, he had to drive at a slow speed, which resulted in an accident.


He also claimed he forced to drive at a slow speed due to the car was using more fuel, as a result of his travel time from home to office and back also increased. Mr. Sudharshan decided to lodge a complaint with  Consumer forum to get compensation since the Dealer may not fix his car’s problem.

Maruti Suzuki’s representatives countered that the original complaint filed by Mr. Sudharshan was only for malfunctioning horn and not for non-working horn. As such, the repair was the natural thing to do.

The company said the problem was fixed on the same day, and regarding the accident caused due to a defective horn, the company said that it was a false claim.

M/S Varun Motors said that there is no deficiency on their part and they are limited to rendering services during the warranty period.


However, the Forum has rejected the claims of Maruti Suzuki and Varun Motors mentioning that there’s a risk of accident due to a faulty horn. The consumer forum also said that this is particularly true fact considering heavy traffic Hyderabad is now having. The bench rejected the Maruti Suzuki and Varun Motors false accident claim reasoning and directed them to pay Mr. Sudharshan Rs 1 lakh as compensation.

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